BREYANZI is a prescription medicine used to treat large B cell lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, when:

  • your first treatment has not worked or your cancer returned within a year of your first treatment OR...Read more

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Personalized therapy requires personalized support

Cell Therapy 360®: Your partner throughout the CAR T cell therapy journey

Cell Therapy 360 offers assistance programs for you and your care partner that are designed to support you throughout treatment and the initial post-infusion monitoring period (at least 4 weeks).

The services and support programs offered through Cell Therapy 360 are available only to people who are receiving a CAR T cell therapy from Bristol Myers Squibb, such as Breyanzi. Certain restrictions and eligibility requirements apply.

Are you caring for someone receiving Breyanzi CAR T cell therapy?
Learn about your important role as a care partner.